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“You know we can’t be absolutely certain about a lot of things in the stock market.  But the one thing that I am completely certain of is the more the fee I pay for the provider of the product, the less there will be for me.”

Burton Malkiel, Professor of Economics at Princeton University and author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street
Do you understand that significant fees are being taken out of your retirement account without your knowledge?

Forbes, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal warn participants that this is exactly what is happening.

Can retirement plan advisors legally do this?

The Department of Labor has added more disclosure requirements to increase transparency, but these fees are still complex and difficult to understand.

What can plan sponsors and employees do to protect themselves?
You can learn about what some companies are doing and take action.

Our mission is to help retirement plan participants make more informed decisions by promoting increased competition and transparency and eliminating the practice of revenue sharing and central economic planning in the group retirement plan industry as we can no longer count on our bankrupt social security system.  However, our larger goal is to spread the message of freedom and self-reliance and promote the idea that freedom is an entire package which cannot be sliced and diced.  How can we be financially free if we are not free to grow our own food, educate ourselves without coercion, seek our own healthcare alternatives, peacefully protest against unjust rules, start our own businesses without being arrested, speak our minds without the threat of violence, or spend our money as we see fit - and most importantly if central banks have the legal right to print money out of thin air and devalue our wealth?  The potential for improving our lives stems not from coercive central planning, but from individual freedom and our own resiliency to adapt to a changing world.


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